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We have a few dogs needing foster homes.


Carly is, personality-wise, more than a typical puppy.  At six months old, born on 9-11-13, she runs and plays, and as you may see from some of the blurry pictures, it's hard to keep her in focus.  But she also wants to be cuddled and will lay still on your lap or your chest with her arms around you.  Health-wise, [C/S/G] appears to have minor hairloss and scarring.  We hope this disease does not progress.  However, she is in need of an owner who will understand that she may not be around long.  Carly has an inherited disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels and muscles.  Fortunately, Shelties often don't get the lethal muscle involvement.  If she developed the worse parts of the disease, her life may be shortened significantly or she will need more medication.  Otherwise, on just one medication and two supplements, she may live a fairly normal life.  To decrease the potential for worsening of her skin lesions, she will need to stay inside (out of sunlight, wee-wee pad trained) most of the time and be protected from physical trauma (hard with a pup who likes to run!) and stress.  If you think you would be a match for this special dog, please contact info@tristatesheltierescue.org
More information about this medical condition is also available.


Chase is an older gentleman who spent most of his life with one family who no longer had time for the old boy when they had a second child. His foster home reports that he is a really great dog.
  Walks great on a leash and is very sweet.  There were some concerns about reactive behavior towards other dogs and we are still trying to evaluate that but it doesn't seem to be at an unusual level.  He might be best as the only dog in the home.  He is fine with his foster cat.
Chase is neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and microchipped.  He is currently on supplements and special diet focused on keeping his kidneys in shape and arthritis in check.  Not on any meds at this point, but a future adopter will need to monitor and care for him as with any special senior. 
If you are interested in Chase, please contact info @ tristatesheltierescue.org.


LUCKY (Sheltie) and ROCKY (mixed breed) are both female, both about five years of age and best friends.  They will both be spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations and will be microchipped prior to adoption. 
Foster mom thinks Lucky may even be younger.Lucky and Rocky were turned in to a shelter who called us to ask if we could help this duo and hopefully increase their chances of being adopted together.  We said yes, we would keep them together until we found a home that wanted to adopt them both and would love them equally.

A few days prior to their scheduled transport to Long Island from PA, a shelter volunteer decided to walk Lucky by herself and left Rocky behind.  Lucky, becoming very nervous being separated from her pal, backed out of the leash and ran off.  During this time Rocky became a bit hostile and aggressive without her friend.   Lucky was not leaving the immediate area of the shelter, but wouldn't let anyone near her.  We feel she was staying close because her friend was still inside.   Thankfully after a few days, we were granted a Christmas miracle and on Christmas Eve at 11 pm, a board member went back to the shelter to check a trap that was placed near the entrance  of the shelter as it was a very cold night and there was Lucky sitting in a trap! 
These dogs are now comfortable in a foster home in PA that reports them as being great, playful and friendly dogs.  Rocky is a little on the bossy side.
We WILL NOT separate these dogs and will be checking up on them after adoption.   Due to Lucky's skittishness, we do want a fenced yard for these dogs.  They will be very scared when they first get to their new environment, but once comfortable, they blossom into very sweet and loving dogs. If you are interested in Lucky and Rocky, please contact us at info@tristatesheltierescue.org


PICK ME, PICK ME! Hi, my name is Bandit.  At 12 years old, I found myself in the NYC shelter as a stray and I'm not sure how I got there because I'm such a sweet boy.
I'm a medium size sable sheltie who just wants to please you.  I follow my foster mom from room to room and just want to be where she is.  I LOVE going on walks  and I get super excited when it's time to go out.  I walk very nicely on a leash, I know my basic commands and I'm on the quiet side.  I love other dogs and all I want to do is say hi to every one of them on the street and play.  I'm an all around super nice boy, and for 12 years old, I still have a bit of pep in my step.  Please consider me to be part of your family because I still have a lot of love to give. I am up to date on vaccinations and will be neutered.  I am microchipped.If you are interested in adopting me, please contact info@tristatesheltierescue.org  Thank you!

QUINCY is three year old, male, sable, Shetland Sheepdog.  He is neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, heartworm tested and on preventative and microchipped.

Quincy came from a terrible hoarding situation (You can see the video of his story on the main page of our website - www.tristatesheltierescue.org/hoarderdogs.html).  
As a result of living in a house a with no utilities (no electricity, water or lights) with no human contact , no exposure to the outside world and no socialization, Quincy came to us a very terrified little boy.
Quincy has been with us over a year.  It has taken him a very long time to become comfortable with the every day living in a house.  He loves the house and yard and playing with other dogs, but wants nothing to do with people he does not know or the outside world.  The moment he is taken out the front door, he becomes terrified.
Due to Quincy's past and his fears, Quincy requires a very secure fenced in yard of at least 5 feet in height.  We cannot accept any type of wire fencing for this dog.  Quincy also needs another laid back, playful dog living in the home who he can continue learning from and feel comfortable with.  He needs a very quiet environment in a home with no young children.
If you like to speak to us in greater detail about Quincy and his needs, please contact us at info@tristatesheltierescue.org.


Update: 12/7/13

Maddy is the youngest almost 15 year old Sheltie I have ever met!
  He has adapted well to his foster home with a number of other Shelties and seems to enjoy the doggie company.  Maddy is very well behaved, and although he has limited vision and hearing, it's hard to tell because he gets around so easily.  He plays enthusiastically in the yard and gets especially excited when it snows.  He obeys basic commands (hand signals), and walks nicely on a leash.  He is in very good health.  Maddy needs thyroid medication each day and a bath every few weeks to keep his skin in good condition.  He's a sweet boy and an excellent companion.So sadly we have a 14 year old who needs a foster or forever home.  Maddy has lived with same family since he was a puppy.  There was a divorce and a new marriage and a six year old step daughter who can't understand not to startle Maddy who is losing his hearing and vision.  

The little girl startled Maddy and he bit her so his owner said he has to give him up.  Maddy also  had low thyroid which the owner is treating for and that in and of itself, can make a dog very cranky.  It's important to know that dog has never bit anyone and is a sweet boy.  Breaks our heart that at 14 he has to come into rescue. If you can foster this dog or know someone that can, please contact us at info@tristatesheltierescue.org

Lucy is an adorable, energetic, 12 lb, 2-year-old female sable sheltie. Lucy’s owner was a young girl who bought her when she moved in with her boyfriend. Unfortunately when they broke up, she had to move out and was unable to keep her any longer.Lucy’s current foster home reports that she is a rambunctious, happy little girl. She loves to run around, jump and is on her way to becoming a champion Frisbee catcher. So we would love to find a home with someone who will continue this or possibly do agility with her. She is sweet and quite vocal and while she loves people, it takes her a little while to warm up to strangers. Lucy likes other dogs, and she currently lives in a home with 8 other dogs but she has recently had altercations with a couple of the older female dogs.  Maybe just too much to be a mate for a more mellow or senior dog. Lucy’s kidneys did not grow to normal size, which had caused her to have some leakage issues which currant medication has seemed to help. Her kidney issue is manageable with medication and a consistent routine.  Other than her medication the only other thing she requires is special food, which can be purchased at the vet. She is easy to handle and has no issues going to the vet and being groomed. She is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations and microchipped.If you are interested in adopting this adorable little angel, please contact info@tristatesheltierescue.org


Jack is a Parsons Terrier and best bud with Joe, so we could not leave him behind at the shelter. Joe is a Shetland Sheepdog and is a female.  Both these dogs are 11 years old, current on
vaccines,spayed and microchipped.  They are SUPER sweet and need a home together where they can continue their beautiful friendship with a family that would like them both equally.These guys are 11 but do not act it at all.  They have an amazing amount of energy and love to run and play all day.
If you are interested in this pair, please contact us at 516-574-9989 or info@tristatesheltierescue.org.

FOREVER FOSTERS: Please Note - Forever Fosters are NOT Available for


If you remember a couple of weeks back, we posted about Sammy, one of our hoarder dogs, who went with three others to Houston Texas Sheltie Rescue who had helped out with the hoarder dogs in the past. Unfortunately, the rescue had to close down and Sammy was still without a home. We immediately said we want him back here in NY with us.

When Sammy came back to us, he was, sadly, not doing well. He lost a lot of weight and you could tell he just was not well. After spending time at our vet, Terry Animal Hospital in Rockville Centre, NY, and a battery of tests including bloodwork, ultrasound and urines, we have discovered that Sammy's liver is failing, he is borderline anemic and has absolutely no protein in his urine (which is a bad thing -there should be some). 

Sammy is also so emotionally drained. This dog has lived approximately, 10 years in the hoarder house with no utilities or water or connection with the outside world. We trekked him halfway across the country in the hopes of finding his happily ever after only to have to come all the way back and still no family to love him. 

While Sammy has not shown any aggression in his foster home, he has not dealt well with the poking and prodding at the vets office. He needs a quiet place to hang his little Sheltie hat, be fed wonderful nutritious food, be given his meds and supplements and have peace and love for the remainder of his life however long or short it is. The veterinarian has said he could realistically still have a couple of years with good support.

Because of all this sweet boy has been through, his medical needs and our want for him to just have a family to love and honor him, we are looking for a forever foster home to care for Sammy. What this means is we are looking for someone to open their home for him, but he will remain in the custody of TSSSR and we will pay his bills for the remainder of his life. 

Sammy's ideal home would have no more than 1-3 dogs, be a quiet envirornment with no young children running in and out (visiting kids ok - Sammy can be crated or kept in a bedroom) and a fenced in yard. 
Sammy must remain in the immediate tri-state area.

He really deserves at least a little time knowing the love of a family before he leaves this world.

Please contact us at info@tristatesheltierescue.org if you would like to offer this boy a temporary or forever foster home.
Sammy is a tiny boy - only 14lbs.

thank you.


UPDATE: Benny and Little Star are no longer available. Star is now a "Forever Foster" and Benny has been adopted by the Forever Foster Home. They will live ou there lives together!!

Benny is an eight year old Shetland Sheepdog.  Little Star is about 11 and is a mixed breed - possibly papillon and chi. Due to a family tragedy,their owner was forced to relinquish them to rescue and has hopes that they can stay together.  It is very apparent that Benny relies on Little Star to feel secure.

**Please do not ask us to separate these dogs or apply for them unless you want them both equally.  We will not separate and will be doing follow ups to ensure they are leading a happy life together.These two dogs are so incredibly sweet and a very nice pair.  If you would like to open your home to these BFF's, please contact us at info@tristatesheltierescue.org or call 516-574-9989.


Niki is a 14 year old tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog who has sadly found himself looking for a new home in his senior years. 
His family had a series of bad times and decided he'd be better taken care of with a new family.  Niki is a very sweet boy, good with other dogs, fully vetted and current on all  his vaccinations. Can you be the perfect forever home for Niki?
Please contact Julie at info@tristatesheltierescue.org if you are interested in learning more about this special senior boy!!


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